It is Friday so let’s post something fun!

Had the chance to visit this ridiculous cellar not too long ago.  I think there are a few million dollar worth of wine in this room along.  There are about 8 rooms like it, but this is perhaps the most expensive room.  Why you ask?  Well, the top shelf is filled with Petrus (usually running over US$2,000 a bottle) and the bottom is filled with Cheval Blanc (at least US$600 nowadays).  Oh, and what makes it even more ridiculous is that bottle of Lafite 1811. Yes, 1811, not 1911.  Probably test like vinegar but an expensive one that I will not be able to afford.

David began his love affair with wines on Valentine's Day 1997 with a bottle of La Grande Dame. Not an extraordinary wines by any means, but it opened the door to how amazing the world of wines can be. Now David spends his free time always reading and drinking wines, perhaps a bit too much. Currently writes for the wine blog Spike's Vino that are read by audiences in over 100 countries.